fundraising art projects for schools

Now taking bookings for the school Christmas card project 2024.

Free to take part, register here. Get crafty and raise funds now.

For Personal Art Cards please see the Home Project page.

love art.   celebrate creativity.   let us help you raise school funds.


discover the difference . . . let us make your pupil’s art shine

our cards are distinctively large & square 14 cm2 not the smaller C6 size commonly on offer
this project structure is also suitable for secondary school pupils

Children of all artistic abilities can have the opportunity to have their own art published as professionally printed, personalised postcards that can be used for all occasions, they would make a great gift and can also boost your school’s arts profile.
To raise even more funds while boosting project awareness, you can run an art exhibition, sell drinks and cakes, and take order all together.

Why not exhibit your pupil’s art and invite parents for a viewing, this can effectively raise your project profile.

not just for sending . . . the pack can be given as a truly unique gift item

each pack of 12’s wrapped in a glossy cellophane
300gsm silky smooth card 14 x 14 cm
PTA / school name can be featured
project available Jan-Aug

boost your school or pta funds . . . great fundraising idea throughout the year

School Fundraising Postcard Project - Card Front - Beach Hut
School Fundraising Postcard Project - Card Back - Beach Hut
School Fundraising Postcard Project - Card Back - Beach Parasol
School Fundraising Postcard Project - Card Front - Beach Parasol

cards are packed in 12’s, beautifully presented in a glossy cello, making them ideal as gifts

Fundraising for your school or your pta is easy

minimum project order is returning 30 art for processing, perfect fundraiser for small groups and nurseries

prices based on each design

school price

parent’s price

funds raised

1 pack - 12 cards£ 4.50£ 5.50£ 1.00
2 packs - 24 cards£ 8.50£10.00£ 1.50
3 packs - 36 cards£ 9.00£11.00£ 2.00
each additional packs thereafter£ 3.00£ 3.50£ 0.50

To particpate in the Express Postcard Project

appoint a project coordinator and click here to register
receive our RESOURCE PACK after your booking confirmation
pupils can start creating their unique design
place your order with our admin-friendly digital forms; send in your art with our free* collection service
cards will be packed orderly for easy return to your pupils in approximately 1-2 weeks depending on order size

discover the difference.. let us make your art shine

discover the difference.. let us make your art shine

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