fundraising art projects for schools

Now taking bookings for the school Christmas card project 2024.

Free to take part, register here. Get crafty and raise funds now.

For Personal Art Cards please see the Home Project page.

love art.   celebrate creativity.   let us help you raise school funds.


discover the difference . . . let us make your pupil’s art shine

with free sample proof per design to guarantee increased sales
our cards are distinctively large and square 14 cm2 not the smaller C6 size commonly on offer

If your time scale doesn’t allow every pupil to design their own card like our Personalised Postcard Project, why not raise funds with the sales of a few designs or consider producing class postcards. You could sell them as pre-orders or stocked items at your own events to parents/pupils, local businesses, or your affiliated church.

This fundraising project is also ideal for other organisations - church groups, charities, clubs or scouts, as the structure and prices are flexible; cards are sold in bundles of 9’s per design, available with or without packaging, reduced rates are offered for unpacked cards if minimum 120 bundles are ordered. For your convenience, packaging materials are available to purchase should you wish to pack them your own way or to simply raise more funds by self-packing.

Restrictions apply to secondary school pupils - please see Terms & Conditions or contact us to discuss your needs

great fundraising idea to capture your pupil’s creativity

each pack of 12’s wrapped in a glossy cellophane
300gsm silky smooth card 14 x 14 cm
PTA / school name & logo can be featured
project available Jan-Aug

boost your school or pta funds . . . great fundraising idea throughout the year

Group Design School Fundraising Postcard Project - Card Front - Swimming Pool
Group Design School Fundraising Postcard Project - Card Back - Swimming Pool
Group Design School Fundraising Postcard Project - Card Back - Rainbow Sea
Group Design School Fundraising Postcard Project - Card Front - Rainbow Sea

cards are packed in 12’s, beautifully presented in a glossy cello, making them ideal as gifts

fundraising for your school, pta couldn’t be easier

minimum project order is returning 30 art for processing, perfect fundraiser for small groups and nurseries

Price Update - Coming Soon

To particpate in the Enterprising Postcard Project

appoint a project coordinator and click here to register
receive our RESOURCE PACK after your booking confirmation
pupils can start creating their unique design
place your order with our admin-friendly digital forms; send in your art with our free* collection service
cards will be packed orderly for easy return to your pupils in approximately 1-2 weeks depending on order size

You’ll receive excellent customer service and support to help you run a smooth project from start to finish

Thank you for making the project so easy, parents and pupils are very impressed how well the paintings came out.
art coordinator in Oxford
‘You’ve been incredibly helpful, thank you for a successful project’
pta, art coordinator, primary school in Kent
‘Love the way the cards are labeled and packed; it made the returning process quick and easy’
pta member, primary school in London

discover the difference.. let us make your art shine

discover the difference.. let us make your art shine

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