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Now taking bookings for the school Christmas card project 2021 . .
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Free to take part, register here . . . Get crafty and raise funds now . .

love art.   celebrate creativity.   let us help you raise school funds.


sell a selection of designs at your own price, a flexible fundraiser for pta, schools, church, clubs, charities, scouts

discover our large square cards . . . meaningful art title.   signature.   photo.

distinctively more personal, unlike the smaller C6 size commonly on offer
with added feature of card back design to enhance personal touch & product value

If your time scale doesn’t allow every pupil to design their own card like our other two Personalised Art Card Projects, why not raise funds with the sales of a few designs or consider producing class cards. You could sell them as pre-orders or stocked items at your own events to parents/pupils, local businesses, or your affiliated church.

This fundraising project is also ideal for other organisations - church groups, charities, clubs or scouts, as the structure and prices are flexible; cards are sold in bundles of 12’s per design, available with or without packaging, reduced rates are offered for unpacked cards if minimum 120 bundles are ordered. For your convenience, packaging materials are available to purchase should you wish to pack them your own way or to simply raise more funds by self-packing.

To sell Christmas cards as stock items, place your order by the Tue, Oct 12 to guarantee delivery in 1st week Nov.
To sell as pre-order sales, place your order with us by Thur, Nov 11 for delivery in 1st week Dec.

If you do not wish to send us any art but would still like to raise funds, why not choose art created by children from our Art Library? We return 50% of the fee back to the school or artist for the usage.

Santa & Reindeer Over Cambridge in Moonlight - School Christmas Card Project
Abstract Painted Art Card - School Art Card Project for an Exhibition


meaningful items to sell at any fundraising event
winter fair, summer fair, exhibition, coffee afternoon

project available all year
100 gsm white envelopes
250 gsm silky smooth card 14 x 14 cm
your organisation logo printing is included
PTA / school / organisation name printed free

parents adore the extra personal features
more desirable . more sales . more funds

Leaping Reindeer in Moonlight - School Christmas Card Project
Fundraising Group Designs - Art Card Project for Schools, PTA, Churches, Clubs, Charities
Fundraising Group Designs - Christmas Card Project for Schools, PTA, Churches, Clubs, Charities
Fundraising Group Designs - Christmas Card Project for Schools, PTA, Churches, Clubs, Charities
Fundraising Group Designs - Art Card Project for Schools, PTA, Churches, Clubs, Charities

Insert slips can be ordered

Ideal for multi design packs

Run your project the way you want   .   Sell at your own price

prices are based on per design; minimum project order 30 packs, with 10 packs ordered per design

bundle of 12’s

packed or unpacked price

10-20£ 4.25
21-100£ 3.75
101+£ 3.25

5% off for minimum 120 unpacked bundles, no cello bags given

This project is only available to schools, church, scouts, registered charities for fundraising purpose; not for personal or business use

optional packaging items & sales display printed sample card

card packaging - 6p each - approx 16 x 16 cm self seal cellophane bag, for up to 12 cards / envelopes
insert slip - £4 set up, plus 5p each / minimum 24 copies - for self-packing of multi-designs; printed in colour - your details & design images
sales sample display card - £2 for 1st copy, 50p thereafter per copy; ‘sample’ will be printed

To particpate in the Enterprising Art Card Project

appoint a project coordinator and click here to register
After confirmation, we’ll email you our Art Resource Booklet and template download.
Send us your logo, and any required text details to be printed onto the card back, we’ll send you a digital proof to review the basic card shell.
Send in your art; we’ll return a digital proof.
After proof confirmation, we’ll email you an order form and dispatch your Sample Display Card if you’ve ordered any; or you can speed up process by at least 2-3 days and have the cards sent without viewing the digital versions.
Except for Christmas cards, your order will be dispatched in1-2 weeks depending on your order size, with inserts or without, packed or unpack.

CHRISTMAS PROJECT DEADLINE - School Projects for Autumn Term 2021

Order Delivery Schedule based on all the key project stages related to your project are met on scheduled

School Christmas Card 2021 - 1st week Dec

School Calendar 2022 - by Fri, Dec 10 to Mon, Dec 13

All art for this peak period are processed on a 1st come 1st serve basis
Dates in bold text below represent the LATEST DATE
We strongly recommend that you send in your art as soon as possible - register here

An early booking confirmation will give you more time to focus on the art lesson during this short term

Personalised Art Card
art Not Available Proof return in 10-21 days, before or after half term
1st week Dec delivery
Express Personalised Art Card
art + order Wed, Oct 201st week Dec delivery
Enterprising Art Card
final orderTue, Oct 121st week Nov delivery
Thur, Nov 111st week Dec delivery
Art Calendar - year to view
order + artThur, Nov 11Delivery by Fri, Dec 10 to Mon, Dec 13
Wed, Dec 81st week Jan delivery
*Sponsored Art Calendar - month-view
order + artWed Oct 13Delivery by Fri, Dec 10 to Mon, Dec 13
Wed, Dec 81st week Jan delivery
* Sponsor details must arrive at least 10 working days before your art arrival; art will not be processed unless your calendar template is confirmed.

If the due date has passed, please contact us for further advise.
Under our descretion and depending on your group size, we may still be able run your project.

How long will the Enterprising Art Card Project take ?

As this project is based on your own structure, we can only provide our production turnaround so that you can assess how long you may need.

School Christmas Cards

Projects during this period are set with ‘latest dates’ for art returns and final order placement.
Final order can only be placed after you have confirmed the digital proof of your art.
The 2 set delivery dates will cater for 2 typical selling methods.

1st week Dec delivery - you may typically sell as pre-order
Final order must be placed by Thur, Nov 11
For up to 21 art, we should receive your art by latest Thur, Nov 4
For more than 21 art, you should return art earlier, we will give your further advice
1st week Nov delivery - you may typically sell as stock items
Final order must be placed by Tue, Oct 12
For up to 21 art, we should receive your art by latest Thur, Oct 7
For more than 21 art, you should return art earlier, we will give your further advice

Christmas cards digital proof turnaround in Oct

up to 21 art1-4 working days
22-40 art3-6 working days

Display sample card turnaround is based on our general production turnaround below. If you require them, you can speed up process by having them sent without viewing the digital version, this will reduce turnaround by at least 2-3 days, giving you more selling time during this short school term. You would have viewed & approved your basic card shell at project start.

General production turnaround

digital proof of your card designs / insert designs
up to 21 art1-3 working days
22-40 art3-6 working days
sample display cards

Sent after your approval of the digital proof if you have requested this service; they can be sent without digital version viewing to speed up overall turnaround by 2-3 days.

up to 21 designs1-4 working days
22 or more2-5 working days
final order form

Sent after your digital proof approval via email within the next 24 hrs ( excluding public holidays, sundays ). At this stage you can place your order straight away for cards, plus inserts/cellophane packaging if you have requested this service; or you can allow a sales period to take pre-orders from your buyers and order with us at a later date of no more than 3 weeks - for a longer period, please pre-arrange with us.

final order turnaround

Dispatched in approximately 1-2 weeks from when we receive your order, plus our courier service is 2 working days. The overall turnaround will depend on your order quantity, and whether you’ve require cards packed or unpacked, with or without insert printing. If your deadline is crucial, it is always best to place your order at least 16 days in advance, or you can contact us for assessment.

What to consider when assessing your project schedule

Do you need your final order early to sell as stock items or later as pre-order sales?

For pre-order sales, you need to consider when to send in your art to allow enough time for your sales period; we suggest to allow at least 7-10 days for schools where meetings are daily; church groups or scouts may need a longer period.

Does your sales campaign rely on the display sample cards? if so, consider the additional turnaround days, or you may opt to have them sent without viewing the digital version, this will reduce turnaround by at least 2-3 days; you would have viewed and approved the basic card shell design at project start.

Consider that your art will be in transit for 2 working days via royal mail 1st class.

Consider the number of art you’re producing and how long the art would take the artists to finish.

Are there any half-term holidays when we return your digital proof / sample cards, as you may have nobody to promote your sales item to for quite a while until pupils return to school; if this is the case, do you still have enough selling time?

Art Collection - Enterprising Art Project

send yourself

Unless you’re using your own courier, we recommend using Royal Mail 1st Class

Final Order Delivery - Enterprising Art Project

FREE Delivery for Final Orders - card value minimum order £300 or p&p is £8.50

Outside mainland UK, including Scotland, Highlands, Islands, Northern & Southern Ireland, there will be a surcharge.
Please contact us for details.

Resource Pack

This digital booklet features essential art guidelines & creative ideas to bring your project to a success. It can be used on the classroom white board to facilitate teacher’s lessons, especially handy for non-art specialist.

You should allow at least 3-5 days before you intend to start your class art, this is to give you time to read the information and do your lesson preparation.

discover the difference . . . let us make your art shine

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