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Now taking bookings for the school Christmas card project 2019 . .
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now taking bookings for the school Christmas Card & school Calendar Projects


5% extra funds for project booking confirmed by Fri, July 6th, 2018

Applies to Personalised Art Card Project & Express Personalised Art Card Project completed as Christmas cards
or the Art Calendar Project, & Sponsored Art Calendar Project for deadline in Dec or Jan
All required documents must also be returned by Thurs, Aug 16th, 2018
Your proof must be confirmed by Thurs, Aug 16th, 2018


10% extra funds on your 2nd project completed in a school year

You need to complete 2 projects in a school year. We’ll give you 10% extra funds on your second project.
The 2nd project cannot involve projects with holiday deadlines - Christmas & New Year.
Funds raised from Scrumptious Munch Project will be calculated from our lowest rrp price.
Any project with a sample return cannot be run at the same period with any other project.
Excludes the Enterprising Art Card Project

CHRISTMAS PROJECT DEADLINE - School Projects for Autumn Term 2018

Order Delivery Schedule based on all the key project stages related to your project are met on scheduled

School Christmas Card 2018 - 1st week of Dec

School Calendar 2019 - by Fri, Dec 14 or 1st week in Jan

All art for this peak period are processed on a 1st come 1st serve basis
Dates in bold text below represent the LATEST DATE
We strongly recommend that you send in your art as soon as possible - register here

An early booking confirmation will give you more time to focus on the art lesson during this short term

Personalised Art Card
art Thur, Oct 4Proof return in 10-21 days, before or after half term
1st week Dec delivery
Express Personalised Art Card
art + order Fri, Nov 21st week Dec delivery
Enterprising Art Card
final orderFri, Sept 281st week Nov delivery
Fri, Nov 91st week Dec delivery
Art Calendar - year to view
order + artThur, Nov 22Delivery by Fri Dec 15th
Fri, Dec 71st week Jan delivery
*Sponsored Art Calendar - month-view
order + artThur, Oct 11Delivery by Fri Dec 15th
Fri, Dec 71st week Jan delivery
* Sponsor details must arrive at least 10 working days before your art arrival; art will not be processed unless your calendar template is confirmed.

If the due date has passed, please contact us for further advise.
Under our descretion and depending on your group size, we may still be able run your project.

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