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Now taking bookings for the school Christmas card project 2024.

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  • How much will the project cost the school / organisation?

    NOTHING! In fact, all our projects will give you the opportunity to raise funds. It is FREE to register and to take part, invoiced at project end subject to our approval of your organisation.

  • How do we book a project?

    Simply complete the Project Registration Form. Thereafter, we’ll email you a Project Schedule Proposal, which you’ll need to reply within a few days before we can confirm your booking.

  • How long do the projects take?

    This will depend on your chosen project, time of the year and your group size. Each project consist of different structures. For instance, the Personalised Art Card / Postcard Project will have the longest turnaround as there is the extra process of returning a sample proof to every participant. Please refer to each project page to see the details.
    During the short Autumn Term, which is the busy period leading up to Christmas / New Year, we have specified date for the return of your art / final order. The dates we provide only represents the latest date, it is in your best interest to send in your art as early as possible as the art is processed on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Please refer to each project page to see the special deadline or see Christmas Cards for a summary.

  • Is it advisable to book early?

    Yes, this is particularly important during the very popular Christmas period. As we’re a relatively small business that carefully hand scan all the art, we can only run a limited number of bookings in order to offer you the best service and product.

  • Do we need to provide a full name list?

    Yes, only for the project with a sample card return; you are required to complete and return our Excel document shortly after your project confirmation, or you can request for our payable service of filling it for you instead. We cannot run this project without this key document, as the data you provide will enable us to efficiently and accurately process your art, sample cards and create product code for the final order process.

  • Do we have to run the project with the whole school?

    For creativity to flourish, it needs to be built into the whole-school ethos by involving everyone; more participants means more funds can be raised. Some of our projects have no minimum order at all, and some may have very low minimum of 20; please see individual project page for full details.

  • Can staff and their children submit an artwork?

    Yes, anyone can take part - class teacher, teacher’s assistance, head teacher, admin staff, staff’s own children, and so on. The high quality of service & product we offer on our school projects represents excellent value for money, everyone should seize the opportunity.

  • Are your projects admin friendly?

    Yes, our projects are carefully structured to facilitate your process. As standard, we provide various free items, with many of them made bespoke to your project / school specification including promotional posters, parent’s order forms, suggested sample letter to parents in Word doc. When you take part in our projects, we don't just sell you an end product, we support you from project start to finish with excellent customer service to enable a seamless workflow.
    Our Digital Order Forms will enable you to efficiently place your final order without manual calculation & writing; your orders will be labelled and well organised for easy distribution.

  • Do you supply templates? click here to learn more

    Yes, a downloadable version with editable feature is available; or you can make it manually if your media is not printer compatible, simple instructions are available in the Art Resource. We do not provide ready printed templates, with or without ‘colour-in kit’, as they limit creativity & defeat our project concept.
    Most standard ready printed templates are primarily designed to be fed through automatic scanners to enable quick & easy mass production, resulting in the disadvantage of medium restrictions. In addition, the papers supplied are usually not of the best quality and certainly not compatible with all medium.
    We carefully hand scan all your art to offer you much greater media options, thus allowing children to explore their imagination, to be freely expressive, and to achieve distinctive finishes that will substantially raise the appeal of your end product.

  • What is the best way to achieve a successful project?

    The combination of producing good quality art and promoting your project effectively is absolutely vital for success.
    In most cases, pictures made with insufficient help from teachers rarely receive any support from parents, while projects with weak promotion will likely fail even if the art is in good quality.

  • Why does art quality matter?

    Because most parents will only support your project if the art looks somewhat special. This means it is important to give children of all ages full guidance on graphics + composition, colour coordination and medium applications.
    We actively encourage good quality art for all projects, however, the project with a sample return will require you to guide your pupils very closely as part of an art lesson following our quality specification. The easiest way for non-art specialist teachers to manage their lesson is to simply follow a single step-by-step project from our Art Resource.

  • What is the best way to produce good quality art?

    Painting alone or used as a mix medium is the most efficient way to generate an effective finish full of vibrancy, tones, depth, textures, which are the key characters that will deliver a desirable quality picture. Hence most of our featured projects involve paint, and for non-art teachers, it is easiest to just follow our step instructions like a cake recipe.
    The least appealing pictures are not only those that appear like doodles or scribbles with poor graphic shapes and composition, they also include those with dominating flat finish, insufficient contrast, or those in a colouring-in finish made with only felt pens, colouring pencils or wax crayons.

  • Can the Resource Pack / Project Pack be sent to my home address?

    We can send the pack to your home address; however, you’ll need to ensure someone is in, or you may need to collect this large packet from the post office 48 hrs later. We would prefer to send it to the school where there is always someone to receive and sign for the delivery.

  • Can the Sample Packs ( for Personalised Art Card / Postcard Project ) or Final Order be sent to my home address?

    We would prefer to always send these heavy, large items to the school where there will be someone to sign for the packets, as failed delivery will always cause delays, which must be avoided particularly for projects with Christmas deadlines as the turnaround time is very tight.

  • For the Express Postcard Project, can the Sales Pack be sent to my home address? ( contains your sales display sample cards, bespoke order forms & posters )

    Yes, as it is a relatively light packet, but you must ensure someone is available to accept delivery or you may have to collect it at the post-office 48 hrs later, which can cause delay to your project. If you'd like it delivered to your home address during any half-term holidays, you'll have to make prior arrangements with us and we'll advise you further.

  • What do we do if a pupil is away when we do the artwork?

    It is important to follow your schedule agreed at the beginning of the project, especially during the shorter Christmas Term. Instead of possibly causing delay by waiting for the missing art, we suggest you forward it later & notify us in the relevant document that we will be providing. This allows us to process the art that we do have & to keep our production on time.

  • When do we pay you?

    If your organisation qualifies for our 'invoice at project end policy', your invoice will be sent with your final order, payable within 7 working days.

  • If parents have written a cheque made payable to Creation Art Cards, will you accept the payment?

    No, we can only accept a single payment for your final order. This is the main reason why we are able to offer you our excellent school prices.

  • What happens if I have incorrectly placed, or forgotten to place an order for some pupils?

    As soon as you discover your error, you should contact us straight away. If your incorrectly placed order is already in production, then we will have to charge you, otherwise, we can just cancel the order. In the case of a missed order, we'll do our best to add it to your existing final order provided it doesn't cause any major production interruption. If your final order has already been dispatched or we can't add to your existing order, then we will process your added order as a new job. This means we will apply the appropriate additional p&p charge, please refer to the Terms & Conditions under DELIVERY for your project.

  • What happens if my sponsors haven't paid me when my invoice arrives?

    Your invoice is still 100% payable within the 7 working days, as we would have already processed all your sponsor's information & have also made printed products. When you take on any projects with sponsorship opportunities, you are our sole client, not your sponsors. It is completely your responsibility to collect their payment at a pace that suits you.

discover the difference.. let us make your art shine

discover the difference.. let us make your art shine

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